Carpe Tacos

***first post happy dance***

What is this blog all about? Photos. Videos. Places. Life. Thinky thoughts. Rando Abrev’s. Sharing life with people I love. Please join me in my ash-ventures.

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About Me

I’m Ashley. piccolo player. picture taker. lover of art and good food. lover of city life and nature alike. professional queso chugger. displaced Austinite living in NYC. Music maker; not a baker…but will likely try anyway. 28; feeling great.



Working list of”rules” I live by:

  1. Carpe Tacos.
  2. Be Kind.
  3. Love deeply.
  4. Get up and move. Don’t sit still too long!
  5. If you’re staring at your watch …you’re doing [insert activity] wrong.
  6. Splurge on little luxuries every now and then. Treat yo’ self.
  7. Make a list and cross shit off of it.
  8. Get up early because it’s the best.
  9. Be attuned and aware but not too sensitive.
  10. Take your love and your passion and schmear it all around like nutella on a crepe or scallion cream cheese on a bagel. ack.
  11. Be who you are in all its weirdness. (If you encounter a jerk out there in the wild repeat rules 1. and 2. ad nauseam).
  12.  There’s more to you than you think. There’s more love. There’s more hope. There’s more drive and grit. And, there’s definitely more sarcasm.
  13. Make poop jokes but keep it profesh.
  14. Don’t let one aspect of your life determine your entire sense of self. Be confident and ‘umble.
  15. Create always. Create opportunities. Create adventures. Create happiness. Create each moment. Time is your medium; mold it and shape it as you wish.
  16. Breathe.
  17. Look up.
  18. Be incredibly, stupidly, outrageously silly. Make people laugh. (refer to rule 13. when in a bind).
  19. Plan but be spontaneous. Say “Yes” more often than “No.”
  20. Be open.
  21. Drink margaritas.


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