The Best Things in Life Can’t be Googled


I spent most of the past two weeks…well, more primitively. (Note: outhouses pictured above). A few thoughts came to mind and accompanied me throughout the trip:


  1. Online reviews are great and oh-so helpful. But, sometimes…you have to experience things for yourself. Sometimes, the best things are off the beaten path. And, most times, the best things aren’t things at all. They are moments and stories. Like white-knuckling a convertible with a flat tire on a narrow, graveled cliff.
  2. Favor spontaneity over plans. I won’t get to go, see, and do all the things on my list…and that’s ok. (deep breathing). Peek-a-Boo and Spooky Canyon are still on my list!! Who’s with me?
  3. Listen to the locals. Talk to people. Hear their stories. Go where they suggest.
  4. Look fear straight dead in the face and do whatever it is that pushes you outside of your comfort zone.
  5. Trust your gut.
  6. Flash floods. Bears. Mountain Lions. Getting struck by lightning. Getting stranded without cell signal. Careening off a cliff. Other anxiety-provoking thoughts.


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