Boom Cyclone 2018

I said a boom-chicka boom. I said a boom-chicka boom…Does anyone else remember that cheer growing up? Well, that was in my head as I scuffled about excitedly, camera in hand, tongue in the air. I may have caught a few flakes Tuesday morning, but it was nothing compared to the 9+ inches that delicately dusted the surrounding streets.


“Ew…This is gross,” a true New Yorker briefly stated, while shoveling snow off the sidewalk. He laughed as it didn’t damper my excitement. I’ll always be a giddy Texan when it comes to snow…


New Yorkers shoveling snow in preparation for a funeral

I walked along Lenox Ave greeting everyone with a smile…even the crying kid who was sad the stroller wouldn’t work in the snow, while his siblings sledded down the brownstone steps, unbothered by their brother’s fit below.


Sledding down the brownstone

“Have a great SNOWY day,” his brother called out. Same to you, clever, cute kid.


Me in Central Park

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One Reply to “Boom Cyclone 2018”

  1. Keith Mendeke says:

    Waiting for your bbq trip

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