Howth Blog Post-8Howth–this incredibly picturesque fishing village was a mere 1-hour train ride from Dublin. As we stepped off the train, the ocean air greeted us; I tasted the saltiness in my mouth, feeling my pores open and my hair expand, curling a little more with each step–symbolically exposing my roots–big, ole-Texas hair.

Although Howth is somewhat bustling, I didn’t feel like a tourist. As we walked along the cliff, I people watched; I seagull watched. Locals picnicked on the cliff, casting their fishing lines in succession. Fishermen steered their boats below. The mist depicted a dreamy, seamless horizon where the sea touched the sky. The colorful sails appeared meticulously placed under the canopy of fog.

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We hiked the Lower Cliff Loop which totaled almost 4 miles, taking our time to breathe in the fresh air–shifting our gaze toward the rugged terrain and stone cottages along the way. We made our way back to the harbor and along the way decided that we would not share an order of fish and chips, but rather that we would each get our own….and chowder…and beer…no, not ice-cream (plot twist). Before heading back to Dublin we walked around the market, ooh-ing and ahh-ing the homemade treats, forever full from the fish-and-chips and fresh ocean air. A day-hike along the cliff with a friend, is a day well spent.


More photos can be found here.

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