Sand Castle Days

Happy 6-0 to my mom this past October! What a treat to celebrate her birthday with family, coincidentally during the Sand Castle Days at South Padre Island. Catching waves and napping on the beach was as much needed as breakfast tacos and tamales. Watching the sunrise…toes in the sand…stories shared.

Holy Camogli

    Camogli is one of the most enchanting places I’ve visited and a mere four-minute train ride on the high-speed rail. Chase and I stepped off the platform and began wandering the streets. My gaze fixated on the vibrant buildings backlit by the sun. Clean laundry, hung to dry,

First Day Dreams in Mandello Del Lario

    Italy is a dream of a place. It’s where time slows down, yet each minute is filled with an awakening of senses. The church bell rings every fifteen minutes; clothes flap in the wind (equally as colorful as the buildings which surround them); cicadas chirp; an Italian elderly


Howth–this incredibly picturesque fishing village was a mere 1-hour train ride from Dublin. As we stepped off the train, the ocean air greeted us; I tasted the saltiness in my mouth, feeling my pores open and my hair expand, curling a little more with each step–symbolically exposing my roots–big, ole-Texas hair.

Japan Street Fest NYC

      I love a solid street festival…especially in the summer, and especially… in NYC. We went to Japan Fes in East Village last year to try alllllllll the Japanese street food and scope out the artist booths and performances. On our way home, we stumbled upon another street fest. Thankfully we

Keith’s Place

    Over the holidays my dad took us to his favorite place. I slid on my new cowboy boots, and off we went to Louise Mueller BBQ in a small town outside Austin– Taylor, Texas. We parked and navigated through the maze of Rams and were immediately greeted with

Boom Cyclone 2018

I said a boom-chicka boom. I said a boom-chicka boom…Does anyone else remember that cheer growing up? Well, that was in my head as I scuffled about excitedly, camera in hand, tongue in the air. I may have caught a few flakes Tuesday morning, but it was nothing compared to

Idaho and Utah Back-packing List

Hi, friends! Last month, we took an amazing trip to the beautiful Payette National Forest and stunning southern Utah to include: Bryce Canyon National Park, Escalante National Monument, and Moab near Arches National Park.   Here’s what we packed for our time spent on the trail! Most of the items

The Best Things in Life Can’t be Googled

I spent most of the past two weeks…well, more primitively. (Note: outhouses pictured above). A few thoughts came to mind and accompanied me throughout the trip:   Online reviews are great and oh-so helpful. But, sometimes…you have to experience things for yourself. Sometimes, the best things are off the beaten

Carpe Tacos

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